Reflecting On Classic Arcades Games

Do you remember the good old arcade games like the Pac-man eating yellow dots and Mario and Luigi consuming mushrooms and flowers to rescue the princess from King Koopa? Yes, these games are considered to be the ancestors of the games that you play today on your computer. Things have changed significantly gradually with time. There had been drastic change with the release of computer games such as Amiga, Commodore, and ZX Spectrum. Even today different genres of games are continuing to pop up such as online strategy and role-playing games.

With modern computers capable of hyper-realistic graphics and high-definition sound, the possibilities of entertainment especially playing games are limitless. The present day’s kids now have much wider choice than the kids o earlier times. In fact, they have so much choice that parents had to be cautions because there is simply too much meaningless and explicit violence and in addition to it kids can easily download and install a pretty game, which will plead your computer with advertising of adult of gambling sites. One has to ponder on how safe is modern arcade games for their kids?

Unlike modern arcade games, classic arcade games were few in numbers. So there was a limited choice left for the players. These games were as simple as it could be devoid of any kind of fancy graphics, sounds other than ‘beep’ and vibrant colors. One could only play games like ‘tennis’ or shoot a white rectangle with a lighting gun. The most appealing things about these games were that they did not involve any kind violence, and were harmless to TV that has to be hooked up to a console with rotary-type joysticks to play the game. Also, there were no computer viruses at those times, so every game was safe to play.

The evolutionary development of old arcade games started after World War II, during the early 1950′s, after Ralph Bauer invented the perception of creating an electronic game system to the television screen which is known as the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972. The first gaming console system that was invented is known as the Atari 2600, which was released in 1977 that is consider as the milestone of the gaming industries. The popularity of such games gained momentum with the release of game like Gee Bee and Space Invaders in 1978, Galaxian in 1979, Pac-man, King and Balloon, Tank Battalion, and others in 1980 and the Star Wars 1983, which are all from Atari. Development continued experimenting with new hardware and more new games with the enthusiasm of modern game developers renovating these old arcade games by enhancing its graphics and producing newer versions.

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